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Dessert For Holiday Festivals

Most of the people prepare special desserts for holidays and festivals. Desserts are also an important part of many Jewish holidays. Many Hindu holidays would not be complete without a table full of different types of sweets.

Desserts for Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights) include kheer, a sweet rice pudding prepared with rice, milk, nuts, and spices; halva, a rich blend of butter, grated vegetables, chopped nuts, honey, and dried fruit; and thandai, a nutty, spicy milk shake. The Holi festival-celebrating the arrival of spring-features puran poli, sweet stuffed bread, and gujjia, deep-fried pastries filled with nuts or raisins.

Many festivals across the globe celebrate the changing seasons, the New Year, the harvest, or a particular food. The strawberry is also the star of the Festival of Strawberries in Nemi, Italy, a town near Rome. Strawberries grow in abundance on the hillsides surrounding Nemi, and on a Sunday in June, townspeople parade around dressed as ancient strawberry pickers or even as the berries themselves. People eat the freshly picked berries plain or with cream and sugar.

Many other worldwide holidays feature desserts. In every corner of the world, people find pleasure in the sweet delights of desserts, from simple fruits to elaborate cakes and pastries.