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Some Delicious and Healthy Desserts

Everyone likes the delicious dessert. We should not only consider the delicious dessert but also healthy dessert. So for these we have many options that can also satisfy the sweet tooth craving.

Whether you’re counting calories and looking for something nutritious to satisfy your sweet tooth or simply longing for something other than your usual bowl of ice cream, these quick and simple desserts are for you.

It is important to know that there are many ingredients that can be substituted for healthier alternatives, when trying to make healthy desserts.

If you need to use sugar for a recipe, brown sugar is better to use than white sugar, or you can use calorie-free sweetener. It is good to avoid using a lot of butter.

A lot of recipes call for more butter than necessary. Trying reducing the amount of butter or margarine, and replace that with an egg white. When making healthier desserts, using egg whites reduces the fat and cholesterol that whole eggs have.